IBEW Leaders “Highly Disappointed” White House Used Non-Union Crews at Obama’s B-Day Bash

Andrew Breitbart appeared with David Asman on “America’s Nightly Scoreboard” to discuss the Obama administration’s latest hypocrisy – that President Obama’s staff used non-union crews at his 50th Birthday bash.
Breitbart TV reported:

Big Government reported on IBEW Local 1220’s reaction:

We reached out to John Rizzo, business manager of IBEW Local 1220 and asked for his reaction to President Obama’s birthday bash being staffed by non-union labor. His response:

As President Obama’s 50th birthday celebration is being held in Chicago, IBEW Local 1220 would be highly disappointed if the decision to record the event or provide video support was done with non-Union labor.

When we contacted Mr. Rizzo, he was unaware that President Obama was even visiting Chicago today. Interesting. Stay tuned for further developments.

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