Does Obama Love America? Rick Perry Tells Reporter: “You Need to Ask Him”

Does Obama love America?
He ran on a platform to fundamentally change America into some kind of socialist state where the wealth would be redistributed. He’s apologized to the world for America. His policies have destroyed its economy and standing in the world.
So does Obama love America?

Rick Perry was asked this gotcha question by a lib reporter in Iowa yesterday. His response, “You need to ask him. I’m saying, you’re a good reporter, go ask him.”
ABC reported:

Just hours after presidential candidate Rick Perry said that he would be the kind of president who would be “passionate” about America, the Texas governor suggested that President Obama may not share the sentiment.

“I think you want a president who is passionate about America — that’s in love with America,” Perry said during a visit to the Iowa State Fair on Monday.

At a Republican Party event Monday night, a reporter asked Perry whether he was suggesting that President Obama does not love America.

“You need to ask him,” Perry responded. “I’m saying, you’re a good reporter, go ask him”

Perry’s remarks at a Linn Country Republican Party meet-and-greet in Eastern Iowa included a sharp critique of President Obama’s jobs record on a night when the president held a town hall meeting in Decorah, Iowa, about 100 miles north of here.

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