DISASTER AHEAD – Yesterday’s Humiliating Defeat Spells Doom For Democrats

In the 2008 election Obama took Wisconsin by a 13.9% margin. It was a landslide.

In the 2010 election Republicans took several Wisconsin state offices in a wave election.

2010 was the biggest setback for a president in a midterm election since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Democrats lost 72 seats in 1938. (Texas GOP)

Then in April 2011, the conservative candidate Justice David Prosser won the supreme court position by .5% of the vote despite the nuclear firestorm the left hurled at him.


Last night democrats lost again. It was a humiliating defeat. Democrats in Wisconsin failed to regain control of the state senate.

If Wisconsin is the rule and not the exception… Obama will lose 12 states in 2012 that he won in 2008.
Data via US Election Atlas:

The yellow highlighted boxes indicate the states that went to Obama by less than 13.9% – Wisconsin’s victory margin in 2008.
The dark blue highlighted boxes are the states that Obama won by over 13.9% in 2008.

Regardless, things don’t look good for the far left president.
Obama’s approval rating today is back at 40% .

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