Breaking: 3 Hospitalized at Scott Air Force Base – Hazmat Crews Called In (Video)

3 people were hospitalized today at Scott Air Force Base near St. Louis in Illinois.
Local FOX2 has video:

A message broadcasting over the base’s public address system is asking anyone who is experiencing skin irritation to come forward for decontamination.

St. Louis KMOX reported:


A developing story for you out of Scott Air Force Base, where emergency crews are dealing with a reported hazmat situation.

“Currently we’re responding to a suspicious package that occurred at the official mail center (Building 1650),” SAFB spokesman Lt. Benjamin Garland tells KMOX News.

He said they’re not releasing any further information about the “suspicious package” or what it may have contained at this time.

Early word from the scene is that at least 3 people have been transported to the hospital and a dozen more need decontamination.

KMOX has received some reports that the hazmat emergency stemmed from a suspicious package sent to the base, that gave handlers a rash.

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