Boehner Tells Obama: Move Spending Jobs Speech to Thursday

Pound Dirt.
Speaker John Boehner told Barack Obama today to move his planned spending jobs speech to Thursday instead of Wednesday. The president’s last minute announcement interferes with the House schedule.
The AP reported:

House Speaker John Boehner is asking President Barack Obama to give his major speech on jobs to a joint session of Congress on Sept. 8 instead of Sept. 7 as requested by the president. Boehner cited a tight House schedule for insisting on the change.

Obama on Wednesday sent a letter to Boehner and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid proposing a prime time joint session for his highly anticipated economic speech. Boehner pointed out that a request requires House and Senate approval and that the House was not scheduled to return to session until Sept. 7.

Boehner said the combination of a late vote in the House and the security measures needed for a presidential address made a later date more fitting.

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