Alan Dershowitz: I Support Glenn Beck… Abhor Jimmy Carter and Desmund Tutu For “The Misuse Their Faith”

Glenn Beck Launches “Restoring Courage” Week Of Rally Events From Israel – These photos are from the first night of events on Sunday 8-21-2011. (Image Credit: The Blaze)

Harvard law Professor Alan Dershowitz says he supports Glenn Beck’s Restoring Courage rally in Jerusalem. The respected leftist professor also condemned far left activists Jimmy Carter and Desmund Tutu for their “misuse of faith.”
YNet News reported:

At a time when old friends and allies who should be supporting the Jewish state are abandoning it in droves, (Glen) Beck’s willingness to stand up for Israel must be accepted with gratitude,” Harvard law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated in a piece published in Hudson New York.

According to Dershowitz, “I, for one, do not question his motives. I believe they are genuine. One need not accept all of Beck’s positions on Israel – and I certainly do not – in order to agree with him that support of Israel is one of the great moral issues of the 21st Century.”

Beck arrived in Israel over the weekend ahead of a mass rally he plans to hold in Jerusalem on Wednesday, under the banner “Restoring Courage”. Beck has been leading a publicity campaign for the event over the past few weeks, urging his viewers and listeners to fly out to the Holy Land…

…The rally will be attended by religious leaders, esteemed speakers and entertainers including Western Wall Rabbi Shumuel Rabinovitch, Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight and internationally renowned singer Dudu Fisher.

Dershowitz added, “I certainly admire Beck’s decision to go to Israel far more than the decision of so many so-called artists and intellectuals who call for a boycott against the Jewish state without even bothering to go there and see for themselves.”

“I welcome the support of religious Christians who love Israel for religious reasons. I abhor the ignorant and misguided efforts of other Christians, such as Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu, who misuse their faith against the Jewish state,” Dershowitz noted.

US Senator Joe Lieberman and Representative Eric Cantor have announced that they will not take part in the rally.

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