WOW!… Obama White House Says Voting on Debt Increase Again Next Year Is as Bad as Default (Video)

Wow!… Just Wow!
The Obama Administration says it is just as bad for government to discuss and vote on a debt increase next year as it would be to default on the debt. What idiocy!

Here’s the video:

Do you believe these loons?
They believe voting next year is just as bad as default?
So who’s playing games here?

ABC reporter Jake Tapper grilled White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today during the White House Press Briefing.
You won’t believe this.

Jake Tapper: Which Is Worse? Default or Voting to Raise the Debt Ceiling Again in 2012?… The worst-case scenario here is a default, right?

CARNEY: That is a bad scenario. I’m not sure — I mean —

TAPPER: Is it worse —

CARNEY: You know, there are things you could anticipate. But I — yes.

TAPPER: Is it worse than voting on the debt ceiling again next year?

CARNEY: The uncertainty created by regular votes on whether or not, for the first time — you know, and if you think it’s — there’s — there are political —

CARNEY: So — but Jake, let me answer the question. We do not think that that is the way that this country should operate. The president’s made it very clear.

TAPPER: What the president made clear in the meeting was that he will not —

CARNEY: Both are bad; I can’t choose which is worse for you.

TAPPER: Really? They — it — you can’t. Default might not be as bad as voting on this next year?

CARNEY: Jake, I’ve answered the question.

TAPPER: No, you guys are painting a very cataclysmic picture

CARNEY: Jake —

Ben Bernake said this week that defaulting on the debt would, “Create a very severe financial shock that would have effects not just on the US economy but the global economy.”

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