Somebody Tell the Unions… WISCONSIN Accounted For Half of New US Jobs in June

Thank you, Governor Scott Walker.

(Reality Based World)

It looks like the Republican Governors in Ohio and Indiana are not the only ones celebrating the fruits of their labor.

Wisconsin posted its largest gain in private sector jobs since 2003 last month.
The Milwaukee Journal reported, via Free Republic:


While Wisconsin’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 7.6% in June from 7.4% a month earlier, state officials said Thursday the jobs picture in the state “continues to brighten.”

The Department of Workforce Development said preliminary estimates show a net gain of 12,900 private-sector jobs from May to June, marking the largest one-month gain of private sector jobs since September of 2003.

The unemployment rate encompasses Wisconsin residents who are available for work and actively seeking jobs.

“With 15,100 more people entering the labor force in June than in May, we believe more jobseekers are entering the workforce with optimism of finding employment,” said Scott Baumbach, secretary of the department.

The unemployment rate in June last year was 8.3% .

UPDATE: It gets even better.
Wisconsin accounted for half of US jobs in June.

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