Unreal. Obama Administration Reportedly Establishes Political Mission for Taliban

It’s an Obama world.

The Obama Administration has reportedly established a political mission for the Taliban terrorist organization.
Iranian Fars News reported:

Washington and the Taliban have come to terms with each other over the inauguration of a representative office for the Afghan rebel group in one of the Muslim countries, a former member of the Taliban disclosed on Saturday.

“The US has agreed with the establishment of a political representative office for the Taliban leadership in one of the Muslim countries after the Taliban separated itself from the al-Qaeda,” Molavi Arsala Rahmani told FNA.

“The international community headed by the US did not agree with the establishment of an official mission for the Taliban leadership in the past but now the US has agreed with it,” Rahmani said.

The source declined to provide any further information about the exact place of Taliban’s would-be representative office, but guessed that the mission will likely be established in Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Turkmenistan.

Members of the Afghan parliament had earlier denounced the United States’ secret talks with the Taliban, and said the talks have isolated Afghanistan’s High Council for Peace and undermined the peace process in the war-torn country.

The Taliban this week took credit for the assassination of Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s brother.

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