Two Years After the Bloody Iranian Uprising… U2 Still Dedicates Song to Freedom Activists (Video)

Back in 2009 in Barcelona the Irish rock group U2 dedicated their epic hit “Sunday Bloody Sunday” to Iranian freedom protesters.

While U2 was singing and speaking out in support of the democracy activists in Iran — The Basiji guards were shooting protesters dead in the streets.

The killer Iranian regime quashed the protests, murdered activists and imprisoned the protest leaders.

Two years later President Obama told the Iranian regime to allow protests. Yet, he still maintains a fantasy foreign policy that he will be able to sit and reason with the killer regime.


Most people have moved on since the 2009 protests. But not U2.
Tonight in St. Louis they again dedicated “Bloody Sunday” to the Iranian democracy protesters.
They lit up the stage with the colors of the Iranian flag.

Not everyone has forgotten about the Iranian people.
Bravo, U2.

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