This Is Supposed to Be News?… Radical Gay Groups to Target Bachmann

In June radical gay activists attacked Michele Bachmann after she finished speaking at Right Online in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
And, then they completely justified it.

It’s what leftists do. The attackers said they targeted Bachmann because of her social positions.
She deserved the attack.

So it’s really not news then that the radical gay groups are going to target Michele Bachmann this election cycle.
The Politico reported, via Free Republic:

In the early weeks of her presidential run, Michele Bachmann has avoided getting bogged down in the divisive, distracting terrain of social policy.

Gay rights groups say they plan to change that.

Even as Bachmann’s tightly-disciplined campaign pivots sharply away from her roots as a social conservative warrior to embrace her newer image as a Tea Party fiscal crusader, gay leaders are looking to drag her back into the fray.

Energized by victory in New York last month, they say Bachmann’s campaign will be both the focus of their attention and a useful rallying cry as the presidential campaign hits its stride during the crucial summer of 2011.

The reason: The third-term Minnesota congresswoman and her husband, therapist Marcus Bachmann, have a history of battling gay rights groups in Minnesota long before she stepped onto the national stage.

“Michele Bachmann is the very definition of a target-rich environment, and given her husband’s positions and things she’s said in past she’s going to have a really hard time appearing as a reasonable mainstream candidate,” said Michael Cole-Schwartz, the communications director for the group Human Rights Campaign.

“We’re going to be looking or opportunities to get her record and her rhetoric out there,” he said, arguing that voters of both parties would view “ any candidates who espouse those kind of beliefs [as] living in the Twilight Zone.”

The difference, of course, between Michele Bachmann and the radical gay groups is that Bachmann doesn’t want to ram her belief system down anyone’s throat. The radical leftist gay mob does.

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