Surprise… New York DJ’s and Florists Who Refuse to Marry Gays Can Get Sued

It’s come to this…
Religious people and Christians who refuse to marry gays can get sued thanks to the new gay marriage law.
So much for freedom of religion.
The New York Post reported:

Call them New York’s Refuseniks.

Rosemary Centi has per formed marriage ceremonies in upstate Guilderland for the past 10 years, hitching hundreds of satisfied men and women. For good, she hopes.

This morning, Centi (pictured) is doing her last wedding.

“I am Catholic,” she told me, “and my definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. It is a sacrament.”

Laura Fotusky has joined couples in holy matrimony in the tiny upstate town of Barker for four years. Her run ends Thursday.

“I’m a Christian,” Fotusky told me. “As a Christian, I have to follow the word of God.”

Until I told Fotusky about Centi, she didn’t know her sister in protest existed. But these women are paired by a deep, spiritual bond. One that defies New York’s Marriage Equality Act, which takes effect Sunday.

Centi and Fotusky refuse to wed people of the same sex. After praying and agonizing for weeks, each public servant came to an identical conclusion: They’d rather quit than unite.

On July 11, Fotusky, 57, wrote an emotional letter to Barker officials. She resigned as town clerk of the hamlet near Buffalo, which has a population of just over 2,700. Her resignation takes effect Thursday, three days before gay marriage becomes the law of the state…

“I believe that there is a higher law than the law of the land,” Fotusky wrote to town officials. “It is the law of God in the Bible.”

A gay couple denied service by a DJ, not to mention a florist or wedding band, has grounds to sue in Civil Court, a Cuomo spokesman told me.

Fotusky has learned, to her amazement, that she has no right to religious freedom in her home state.

“I was struggling so much with making the decision” whether to resign, she said. “It was a matter of conviction.

“And if you really believe, you have to act on it. As a Christian, I have to follow the word of God.”

It’s an Obama world.

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