Outrageous… Obama Has Top Admiral Tell Troops in Afghanistan They May Not Get Paid (Video)

Nice… Obama’s scaring the hell out of our troops.
Barack Obama had Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen fly to Afghanistan this weekend to tell the troops serving there that their families may not get paid if a debt agreement is not reached. Admiral Mullen was meeting with US troops serving in southern Afghanistan.

Obama plays politics with the troops serving in harm’s way.

For the record, there will enough money to pay the troops even if an agreement is not reached.


As Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, head of the Republican Study Group, said last week:
The government has more than enough money to make payments on its debts in August as well as take care of senior citizens and military servicemen.

Related… Obama called veterans groups to the White House last week to scare the daylights out of them.

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