Senate Republicans Give Speaker John Boehner a Standing Ovation

Love him or hate him, Speaker Boehner is the one out front taking all of the hits in the debt limit debate. Today Senate Republicans gave the conservative Speaker a standing ovation.
ABC News reported:

Speaker of the House John Boehner just quietly ventured over to the Senate side and dropped in on a closed lunch of Senate Republicans.

The lunch – pizza, again – was in the Strom Thurmond room.

I am told Boehner got a standing ovation from his Senate Republican colleagues.

That feel-good moment comes before a bigger test: Will Senate Republicans remain united in opposition to Harry Reid’s debt ceiling bill. If they do, we are left at a standstill – the House passing a bill that has no chance in the Senate; and Senate Democrats pushing a bill that can’t pass in the Senate either (and, maybe, the House, too)

Meanwhile… Top Congressional Democrats Complain Obama Is Not A Leader.

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