Pelosi Calls for Ethics Investigation of Democrat Wu

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for an ethics investigation of Representative David Wu.
Wu was accused this week of an unwanted sexual encounter last Thanksgiving with a young California teen and daughter of a longtime friend.

Earlier this year Wu shocked his staffers by sending them pictures of himself posing in a tiger costume. (NY Daily)

The AP reported, via Free Republic:

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is calling for an ethics panel investigation of Rep. David Wu following a published allegation that a woman reported he’d engaged in unwanted sexual behavior toward her.

In a statement Sunday night, Pelolsi asked the “Ethics Committee to initiate an investigation into the allegations against Congressman Wu.”

Pelosi met with Wu Saturday but did not disclose details of the meeting.

She’s says that “with deep disappointment and sadness about this situation, I hope that the Ethics Committee will take up this matter.”

The Democratic leader says she will send a letter to the panel Monday formally asking for the probe.

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