OSLO KILLER Shot at Children As They Tried to Swim Away …Update: Killer ID’ed – Anders Behring Breivik

Terror struck twice today in Oslo.
A bomb blast killed at least 7 people near government buildings in the city center.
An Islamic group claimed responsibility for the deadly blast.

A women walks to get help after she is injured in the explosion in Oslo Photo: REX (Telegraph)

Then a shooter killed at least 10 children at a youth camp on a small island near Oslo.
The killer, dressed as a policeman, shot at the children as they tried to swim away. 500 children were at the camp. Over 25 are feared dead after the attack.

The camp killer was “tall, blond and Nordic-looking” and speaking Norwegian — wore a police uniform and summoned youth campers to gather around him before he “just executed them.”


Pure evil.

More here.

The killer has been identified.
Anders Behring Breivik

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