Obama Presser: “The American People Are Sold… 80% of Americans Agree With Me” (Video)

Barack Obama addressed the American public this morning for the second time in one week. Talk about sound bites? We may have enough sound bites for the next week!
And, he’s supposed to be so smart?

Obama said that 80% of the American public agree with him and want a balanced appoach. (tax hikes) He said this several times.

The American people are sold… They’re sold… The notion that the American people are not sold is not the problem.”



Obama also said that, “Most things I’ve proposed are traditionally bi-partisan.”
(Obamacare? Stimulus? EPA regulations?)

“I hope this debate has subjected Congress to scrutiny.”

“Show me a ‘serious plan’. I’m ready to move.”

“I’ve already taken heat from my party for being willing to compromise.”

“Republican plan to cut $2.4 trillion in spending is ‘not a serious plan.”

“We don’t need a balanced budget amendment. We just need to do our job.”

“I hope there may be a movement to get something bare minimum done.”

Karl Rove just came on and said Obama has no plan. “He’s the president. He should have a plan.”
We all know that.
The democrats are just hoping they can use the Republican proposals to beat them with.

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