No Kidding… Most Americans Say Obama Is Failing on the Economy

Obama tripled the deficit his first year with the failed Obama-Pelosi stimulus plan.
In Obama’s second year the deficit topped a trillion dollars again.
It was unprecedented.

The Obama deficit this year may reach $1.29 trillion. (The Captain’s Comments)

Barack Obama and Democrats also added over One Trillion Dollars to the Federal Budget in the last 4 years.

That’s at least a 30% increase in federal spending in just 3 years.

So this really comes as no surprise…
The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that most Americans believe Obama is failing on the economy.


Respondents disapproved of the way Obama is handling the economy 56 percent to 38 percent, but also found Obama more trustworthy on the economy than Republicans, by a margin of 48 percent to 35 percent.

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