No, Gracias… Rick Perry Refused Call From Mexican Ambassador Before Thursday’s Execution

Real leadership.

Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) received a call this week from the Mexican Ambassador before killer Humberto Leal Garcia was executed. Perry refused the call.
The Telegraph reported:

If you’re looking for a sign that Governor Rick Perry of Texas is about to run for President of the United States then the execution of one Humberto Leal Garcia is probably it.

By all appearances, Perry didn’t give a damn about the opposition of the Obama administration, the United Nations and the Mexican government. Leal was a Mexican citizen – the reason for the furore – and the Texas governor refused even to take a telephone call from the Mexican ambassador as the death chamber was being readied.

Perry declined to issue a 30-day stay of execution after the Supreme Court voted by the slimmest possible margin of 5 to 4 not to spare the condemned man and Leal duly went to meet his maker an hour after the country’s highest court had ruled.

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