Must See TV – Michael Steele Laughs at Crazy Leftist Joan Walsh After She Compares Obama to Reagan (Video)

This should be a training video.
Whenever you speak to some nutty leftist who want to compares the socialist Obama to Reagan make sure you laugh loud at their face.
Via NewsBusters:

So funny.
Transcript via NewsBusters:

JOAN WALSH, SALON: Well, right. Well, Reagan was very much a conservative, and I didn’t agree with him on much, but he was a pragmatist and a compromiser. And the fact of the matter is, Chris, I heard my friend Michael talk about the Constitution and the Tea Party likes to talk about the Constitution and the Founders, but the fact is the Founders didn’t agree on very much at all.


WALSH: The Founders argued about a lot of things, and they created a system in which we had to talk to one another and had to compromise. This President, President Obama, who I don’t always agree with either, is actually the Reagan figure here.

STEELE: [Laughs]

WALSH: He is the person saying…

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Why are you laughing?

WALSH: …you know what, I’m going to disappoint some folks.

STEELE: Okay. [Continues laughing]

WALSH: Please don’t laugh at me, Michael. I didn’t laugh at you.

MATTHEWS: Why are you laughing, Michael?

STEELE: When you say something funny, I’m going to laugh.

MATTHEWS: Why’s it funny?

WALSH: Why’s it funny?

You’ve gotta love it. The left hated Reagan. Now they’re comparing Obama to him.
That is funny.

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