Rupert Murdoch Attacked At Hearing! (VIDEO) …Update: Attacker Is a Leftist UK Uncut Activist

Rupert Murdoch ATTACKED at Hearing!
A young leftist just attacked Rupert Murdoch at the hearing.

Live Feed Here.

Murdoch Attacked—
His wife does a nice job slapping the attacker.


The Guardian reported:

4.58pm: The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg thinks it’s a bandage on the young man’s face – Nick Robinson says it is shaving foam and the young man hit Rupert Murdoch with it.

4.57pm: The suspect looks like he has a substance like white paint on his face.

My colleague Jackie Ashley tells Twitter: “Wendi [Murdoch’s wife] can throw quite a punch.”

4.56pm: The BBC says the young man has been handcuffed. Sky showed the footage again – it seemed to be an attack from Rupert Murdoch’s left.

4.55pm: A young man in a checked shirt has been detained by police.

4.54pm: Someone has just tried to attack Rupert Murdoch. His wife Wendi seemed to slap the person.

UPDATE: The attacker is a UK Uncut activist.
JonnieMarbles is his twitter account.

Ace has video of Jonnie Marbles.
Yup. He’s your typical violent leftist nut.

Michelle Malkin has more thoughts on today’s hearing.

UPDATE: The attacker is a climate camp idiot.

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