More Smart Power… Hillary Clinton Praises Greece For Economic Leadership

Yeah, they’re leading alright…
Leading the EU off a cliff.


More smart power
Hillary Clinton praised Greece this past weekend for its economic policy leadership. reported:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Sunday praised Greece for its economic policy “leadership.” Wait a minute: Isn’t this the country that lied to its creditors and has just stuck U.S. taxpayers with an IMF bailout?

Greece is such a wretched mess that it’s hard not to feel sorry for it. It’s racked up $329 billion in debts it can’t pay.

Now it’s passed an austerity package in exchange for a $145 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund and has its hand out again for a bailout from Europe, which will be hashed out Wednesday.

Beset by riots from its own clueless citizens who refuse to recognize that it’s out of money, Greece has become pathetic. In such straits, it’s tempting to offer its government some encouragement.

But the hard fact remains that Greece’s woes are self-made, making Clinton’s words of praise reek of weakness and disingenuity.

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