Leftie Max Blumenthal Compares Israelis At Ben Gurion Airport to Jim Crow Mobs

Evidently the far left is upset that the Gaza Flotilla mob failed to deliver supplies to Hamas and were forced to abandon ship this week in Greece.

Lib Max Blumenthal is even comparing the police at Ben Gurion Airport meeting Flytilla passengers (another failed attempt to invade Israel) to Jim Crow Democrat thugs from the south.

By “Jim Crow-esque angry mobs” he meant reporters with cameras.


Of course, today’s incident in Israel was a far cry from the democratic Jim Crow mob attacks in the South. But since when do facts matter to the Israel-haters on the left?

A bus used by Freedom Riders was set ablaze by a white mob May 14, 1961, in Anniston, Alabama. (DTC)

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