“I STAND WITH ERIC CANTOR” – Tell Majority Leader Cantor You Support Him Against Democrat Attacks

Last night Majority Leader Eric Cantor proposed a short term solution to raise the debt ceiling rather than raising taxes as proposed by Obama and democrats. President Obama was so upset with Cantor’s idea that he abruptly stormed out of the meeting with Congressional leaders.

Because of his stand against new taxes on the American people, the Democratic party has pulled out all the stops to target, isolate and demonize Majority Leader Eric Cantor. They are outraged that he will not bow to the Obama regime and endorse their job-killing tax proposals. This is despite the fact that most Americans stand with Cantor and do not support the democrat’s irresponsible spending and proposed tax hikes.

Majority Leader Cantor is taking direct fire. He needs your support.


Call Eric Cantor ( 202.225.4000 ) and tell him he has your support.
Or send Eric a note by going here.

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