HOUSE DELAYS DEBT VOTE – Bret Baier Explains Next Steps (Video)

The House Rules Committee will meet and pass same day rule tonight – Another debate and vote tomorrow!

Bret Baier explained the next steps in the process.
There will be a new bill and debate tomorrow.

House Speaker John Boehner announced that there would be not debt vote tonight. The Republican leader could not get enough votes for his latest debt plan to pass.
FOX News reported:


House Republican leaders delayed a final vote on Speaker John Boehner’s deficit-reduction bill Thursday evening as Democrats warned the speaker that he was wasting his time.

Republican leaders said there will still be a vote on the controversial plan Thursday night but they needed more time to round up enough support.

Boehner, vowing to deliver the bill to the Senate, worked to corral the support of reluctant conservatives. The House first approved what’s known as the “rule” for the bill in a 238-186 vote, in a boost of confidence for the speaker.

Jennifer Rubin has the scoop on what went on behind the scene tonight – “Buckets of crazy.”

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