GOP Makes Huge Gains With White Voters – Particularly Among Young and Poor

Apparently, white voters are sick and tired of massive debt, a confusing foreign policy and no jobs.

Republicans have taken a 2-point edge among whites in 2008 and widened it to a 13-point lead today.
Pew Research Center reported:

As the country enters into the 2012 presidential election cycle, the electorate’s partisan affiliations have shifted significantly since Barack Obama won office nearly three years ago. In particular, the Democrats hold a much narrower edge than they did in 2008, particularly when the partisan leanings of independents are taken into account.

Notably, the GOP gains have occurred only among white voters; a 2-point Republican edge among whites in 2008 (46% to 44% ) has widened to a 13-point lead today (52% to 39% ). In sharp contrast, the partisan attachments of black and Hispanic voters have remained consistently Democratic.

While Republican gains in leaned party identification span nearly all subgroups of whites, they are particularly pronounced among the young and poor. A seven-point Democratic advantage among whites under age 30 three years ago has turned into an 11-point GOP advantage today. And a 15-point Democratic advantage among whites earning less than $30,000 annually has swung to a slim four-point Republican edge today.

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