FLASH MOBBERY DALLAS – Minority Youths Trash & Rob Another Convenience Store

Another black youth mob trashed and robbed a convenience store — This time in Dallas.
Security cameras caught the flash mobbery in real time:

WFAA reported, via Free Republic:

The upkeep and cleanliness of Sam Farah’s convenience store could rival any in North Dallas.

“You don’t think this store is in Oak Cliff,” Farah said proudly of his investment.

But, crime is crippling his investment.

“Shoplifting is killing me,” Farah added. “Shoplifting is killing me.”

He said it costs him about $3,000 a month.

With 16 surveillance cameras inside and out, he has the video to prove it. Last week, a mob of people descended on his store all at once after midnight .

“They start trashing the store [and] eating,” Farah said while watching surveillance video of the incident. “It’s like they’re robbing the store.”

While several paid, the rest ate, drink and stole before police could get there, Farah said.

“We had to clean up for two hours,” he said. “Plus, merchandise is gone. A bunch of merchandise is gone.”

Farah estimated he lost up to $500 that night.

Shoplifting is common. Farah shared one clip from earlier this year that showed a man stealing a package of incense from a stand by the front door then running through the parking lot.

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