Emboldened Marxists Hold Annual Convention in Chicago During July 4th Weekend

The Socialism Revolution Is in the Air annual conference was held this past weekend in Chicago, Illinois.

Socialism 2011 – Revolution in the Air from International Socialist on Vimeo.

Emboldened Islamists and Marxists held their annual conference this past weekend in Chicago. The attendees were particularly energized this year, openly taking credit for what is happening in Europe and in the so-called “Arab Spring”.
Canada Free Press reported:


“Let’s fight like an Egyptian” is the rally call for Socialism 2011 with featured guests including Ali Abunimah, Anthony Arnove, Omar Barghouti, Todd Chretien, Paul D’Amato, Arun Gupta, Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Dave Zirin and John Carlos and Paul LeBlanc to mention just a few.

This is how 1968 Olympic bronze medalist Dr. John Carlos, who raised the Black Power salute, rates past Socialism Conferences: “The young people at the conference took me back in time to when you were ready to stand for what was right. It lets you know that what you may have planned years ago will come to reality today. I feel great to have become a part of it.”

According to socialist and author Paul LeBlanc, “Socialism conferences are exciting gathering places for students and young activists, for revolutionary scholars and fighters for social justice, to share ideas and experiences that can help us understand and change the world. I’ve been to a couple—it’s not enough. I’m coming again.”

With Obama in the White House, Socialist revolutionaries are on a roll, openly taking credit for what is happening in Europe and in the so-called “Arab Spring”.

“Everywhere we look in the world there are revolutions and struggles that are challenging dictatorship, economic inequality, and oppression,” is the message on their home page. “From Cairo to Madison, these struggles show us that “another world is possible”. But they also raise questions about what ideas, strategies and tactics are necessary to carry the struggle forward.

Here’s a list of speakers from this year’s conference.

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