Elitist FOX News Contributor Liz Trotta Bashes Palin and Bachmann (Video)

East-coast Palin-hater Liz Trotta is at it again.
In July 2009 she accused Sarah Palin of being inarticulate and uneducated.

Now the elitist FOX News contributor is going after both Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.
She said they both studied at “Fleabag U.”

Mediaite reported, via Free Republic:


Fox’s Saturday conservative commentator Liz Trotta came out swinging this weekend, taking down both Rep. Michele Bachmann and colleague Sarah Palin for their historical inaccuracies. Quoting Ezra Klein and Matt Taibbi, Trotta joked the two shared an alma mater in “Fleabag U,” and that “as far as flubs go, they are leading the field.”

Trotta didn’t seem surprised that Rep. Bachmann and Palin were being compared: “it’s almost preordained because it seems to be they both took the same american history course, and it may have been at Fleabag U.”

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