Dem Leaders Talk With Rep. Wu – Urge 56 Year-Old to Resign Over Sex Scandal With Teen


Earlier this year Wu shocked his staffers by sending them pictures of himself posing in a tiger costume. (NY Daily)

Dem leaders called Rep. David Wu (D-OR) today after it was reported that he had an unwanted sexual encounter last Thanksgiving with a young California teen and daughter of a longtime friend.
They urged him to resign.
The Oregonian reported:

Pressure on Democratic Rep. David Wu to resign intensified Saturday as leaders in his own party began confronting the embattled Oregon lawmaker over allegations that he had an unwanted sexual encounter last Thanksgiving with a young California woman.

Wu spent the day in private absorbing calls from party operatives and lawmakers in Oregon and Washington, D.C. Reaction ranged from public calls for his resignation and attacks on his character to more private conversation about what’s next for Wu.

The conversations were triggered by an incident first reported by The Oregonian on Friday in which Wu was involved in an unwanted and aggressive sexual encounter with the daughter of a longtime friend and campaign donor in California during a visit over Thanksgiving…

…The fallout Saturday from party leaders and opponents was a unified judgment that the seven-term member of the House had seriously jeopardized his ability to serve and could damage the party’s larger efforts in the 2012 election.

Among those contacting Wu was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who spoke with Wu by telephone on Saturday. The substance of the call was not disclosed. But a source with knowledge of the day’s conversations said a second party leader called Wu and urged him to resign.

In all, at least three senior party leaders in Washington spoke to Wu Saturday. Wu spent the day in Washington contemplating his future and had not come to a decision, several sources said.

Speaker Pelosi was reportedly too busy to release a statement today on the scandal.

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