Band of Military Mothers Rescues John Bolton From Code Pink Attack (Video)

The communists from Code Pink were back at it this week after returning from their failed Gaza Flotilla adventure. On Tuesday the hardcore leftists harassed Ambassador John Bolton outside the Congressional Building.
That’s when a band of military mothers came to his rescue.

CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin and Tighe Barry run into war criminal John Bolton outside of a Congressional building on July 26, 2011.
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Katie O. sent this on the failed attack.

FYI: Bev Perlson, founder of Band of Mothers, and Debbie Lee, a Gold Star mother, surrounded Ambassador Bolton with military support signs and protected him from the Code Pink attack. Then they got Code Pink kicked off the corner which is why the video shows the Pinkos walking away. They didn’t have a permit. Blue Star and Gold Star moms protected Bolton from the vile leftists.

Here’s a photo from the Band of Mothers from their protest:

Hat Tip Katie


And here’s more on the confrontation:

The Band of Mothers Beverly Perlson along with Gold Star Mother Debbie Lee, members of the Gathering of Eagles and FreeRepublic stood in support of our military outside the Cannon Building as they do throughout the year.

Early in the afternoon of Tuesday July 26th, Suzi “Medea” Benjamin, co-founder of the anti-war group Code pink, stopped by to talk to the patriots on the corner of the Canon House building in Washington DC to spout her usual anti-American and anti-military propaganda. She left and then returned with a few buddies just as Amb. Bolton was leaving the area.

The pinkos then morphed into their typical selves and began shouting and harassing the Amb calling him a war criminal and demanding that he be arrested (umm….editorial note… since when does a UN Amb have the power to declare or vote for war? How is he a war criminal???)

Upon witnessing this harrassment, the patriotic citizens supporting the troops surrounded Amb Bolton to shield him from Code Pink.

While continuing their shrill angry behavior, Code Pink’s claim of peace and harmony was once again displayed as a joke when one of the Code Pink members came too close to Gold Star Mother Debbie Lee and pushed her. At that point, the capitol police stepped in and pushed code pink away from Amb Bolton and the patriots. Code Pink was ordered to leave the area as they had no permit to protest at that location.

Amb Bolton seemed amused by the pathetic antics and tactics of Code Pink and thanked the patriots on the corner for their support and protection before stepping into his car.

Well done, fellow patriots!

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