BREAKING: NAACP and Union Thugs Intimidate Kenneth Gladney Family Outside Clayton, MO Courthouse …Update: More Than Half Jury Pool Has Union Ties

After a health care town hall meeting in August 2009 St. Louis native Kenneth Gladney was beaten, kicked and called racist names by Rep. Russ Carnahan’s SEIU supporters. Gladney spent the night in the hospital after the beating.

Gladney, a cancer survivor, was selected by the Carnahan supporters for the beatdown because he was handing out “Don’t Tread On Me” flags and because he was black.

Kenneth Gladney attended a protest against SEIU violence following his beatdown in St. Louis.

Today is the trial of the two SEIU thugs who targeted and beat Kenneth Gladney.

UPDATES will be posted below—

NAACP and union thugs intimidated Kenneth Gladney today outside Clayton, MO courthouse… Gladney was attacked outside a Russ Carnahan town hall event in 2009 by Carnahan’s SEIU supporters.

Kenneth Gladney was wearing a neck brace today for the trial. He had surgery on his neck recently.

UPDATE: Kevin Killeen from KMOX is tweeting from the courthouse.
More than half the jury “pool” has union ties.
The jury was just sworn in.

UPDATE: (2:30 PM CST) Defense claims Kenneth Gladney slapped Elston McCowan’s hand, after McCowan (the SEIU leader) called Gladney an “Uncle Tom.” Defendant Elston McCowan is wearing a neat suit coat and tie. Co-defendent Perry Molens is wearing a black shirt, no tie, duck tail hair. They are both about twice the size of Kenneth Gladney.

Kenneth Gladney was just called to the witness stand.

UPDATE: St. Louis Activist Hub (far left loons) says the defense has a witness that has not been discussed yet(?)

UPDATE: I’m heading down to the courthouse now. Will post updates when I get back home.

UPDATE: The Gladney family said they felt intimidated during the jury selection and trial outside the courtroom. The SEIU, NAACP and Green Party members would come out and stare at them.
Like this.

The Gladney family is sitting on the bench here. SEIU thugs are staring.

The prosecution was still calling witnesses. John Gillery, a local business owner, has yet to testify. John was speaking with Kenneth the night he was jumped. He was standing there when the SEIU members came over started screaming at Gladney and then jumped him.

UPDATE: The trial will likely continue tomorrow. The defense still has to call witnesses. There was a decent crowd in the courtroom today.

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