Black Men Live Longer Healthier Lives in Prison Than Out

After 40 years of democratic policies this is what you get.
The destruction of the black nuclear family, poverty, drug abuse and death on the streets.

How very sad.
Reuters reported:

Black men are half as likely to die at any given time if they’re in prison than if they aren’t, suggests a new study of North Carolina inmates.

The black prisoners seemed to be especially protected against alcohol- and drug-related deaths, as well as lethal accidents and certain chronic diseases.

But that pattern didn’t hold for white men, who on the whole were slightly more likely to die in prison than outside, according to findings published in Annals of Epidemiology.

Researchers say it’s not the first time a study has found lower death rates among certain groups of inmates — particularly disadvantaged people, who might get protection against violent injuries and murder.

The Astute Bloggers has more thoughts on this shocking statistic.

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