Crank Brian Ross Plays Victim – Smears Bachmann & Demands Medical Records (Something Obama Never Produced)

ABC crank Brian Ross continued to play victim today after he harassed Michele Bachmann at a campaign event yesterday and was roughed up held back by her staff. Ross refuses to release video but he’s getting plenty of press which is what he had hoped for.

Tonight Ross continued to smear Bachmann over her migraines a charge he would never hurl at a male candidate. Ross continued to attack Bachmann even though she released a statement from the resident physician in Congress which said her migraines are infrequent and that she was in good physical health.

Did you notice… Ross demanded that Bachmann produce more information about her migraine history (which she did) but could have cared less when Obama failed to produce his medical records?


By the way… Brian Ross refuses to release video of incident.

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