Beating the Heat… St. Louis Man Rides Motorcycle in “Mankini” to Keep Cool (Video)

Jacob Southard beats the heat in St. Louis in a “mankini.”

Jacob took self cooling to a whole new level.

FOX 2 reported:


As we lost count of how many consecutive days the temperature has eclipsed 100, at least one St. Louis area man has taken “self cooling” to a new level. Many motorcyclists talk about their love of the wind blowing through their hair. It seems Jacob Southard prefers the wind blowing through almost everything. He’s been turning heads on Interstate 70, riding his motorcycle while wearing nothing but a “mankini” like the one from the “Borat” movie.

Asked what in the world he’s doing, Southard, clad in nothing but a neon green singlet that covers his crotch and little else, replies with a laugh.

“Beatin’ the heat!”
he says with a grin.

Southard says the whole thing began with what was essentially a dare from his buddies.

“I’m like ya know it’s really hot, I really want to just put on a pair of underwear and just ride, and they’re like, ‘dude, do the Borat outfit!’ And I’m, like, ‘all right,’ and here I am!”

We followed him as he rode out on to Interstate 70. The day before, when he did it the first time, he elicited an explosion of Facebook and Twitter posts.

“I felt like I was famous with all the cameras,” he said. “Everybody was just laughing. I guess a couple of old ladies were like, ‘heyyy!’ But other than that everybody was having a good time.”

The good time Thursday included what had to be a record number of people trying to take photographs while driving a car at 70 mph. There were a few uncomfortable smiles and plenty of full blown “belly laughs.”

“Boy I’ll tell ya what, I was getting my phone ready,” Larry Terbrock told us after seeing Southard. “I was gonna take a picture because I knew no one was gonna believe me.”

If you’re interested – here are some more photos.

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