Andrew Breitbart Lashes Out at Left at Smart Girls Summit: “They’re Doing to Me What They Did to Sarah Palin… If You’re Effective They Sue You” (Video)

Andrew Breitbart spoke at the Smart Girl Summit 2011 today at noon in St. Louis, Missouri. He held a question and answer session with the Smart Girls during lunch. Andrew spoke out about the case Shirley Sherrod brought against him and the far left’s attempt to destroy him. Andrew told the crowd,

“They’re doing to me what they did to Sarah Palin. If you’re effective they sue you. They do this to everyone they think is effective. And, they’re trying to shut me up and they’re not going to shut me up.”

Here’s the video.

** For the record, Shirley Sherrod is being represented by Kirkland and Ellis pro bono (for free). The firm was a Top 20 donor to Obama’s 2008 campaign. The case is costing Andrew Breitbart, as he says, “millions” of dollars.


Michelle Moore has a livefeed from the summit at

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