All 53 Senate Democrats Sign Letter to Boehner Threatening to Default on US Debt

All 53 Senate Democrats signed a letter tonight to House Speaker John Boehner saying essentially that they would rather the US default on its debt than pass the House GOP plan that would cut spending and force another vote next year.

Democrats would rather default on the debt they racked up than pass the Boehner plan.

The Caucus reported, via HotAir:

Fifty-three Democratic senators have signed a letter to House Speaker John A. Boehner saying they intend to vote against his plan for an increase in the debt ceiling, virtually assuring its defeat in the Senate even as the speaker lines up Republican votes to pass it in the House on Thursday.

Votes are not final until they are cast. But if the Democrats hold to their promise in the letter, Mr. Boehner’s plan for a six-month increase in borrowing authority will not make it to President Obama’s desk.

“We heard that in your caucus you said the Senate will support your bill,” the senators say in the letter. “We are writing to tell you that we will not support it, and give you the reasons why.”

In the letter, the senators argue that a short-term extension of the debt ceiling would “put America at risk” and “could be nearly as disastrous as a default.”

The speaker has been arguing publicly that he is confident that the Senate will pass his plan if the House approves it. Senate Democrats and President Obama have argued that the legislation cannot pass muster in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

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