After Obama’s Big Flop – Lib Media Claims Americans Are Crashing DC With Calls For Higher Taxes …Rubbish – They Were GOP Callers!

Obama flopped last night.
His stale, outdated, and accusatory rhetoric fell on deaf ears.

Worse still, Speaker Boehner put the president to shame. His hopeful message filled with common sense conservative solutions carried the day. In fact, his speech was so popular that his website crashed.

Speaker John Boehner knocked it out of the park last night. (Yahoo)

Following the speeches last night the phone lines started buzzing in Washington. Of course, the liberal media wants you to believe that the calls coming into DC are from angry Americans demanding higher taxes.
National Journal reported:


When Obama told Americans to contact their representatives to show support for his debt-ceiling plan, the response was so strong it overwhelmed some House telephone lines and websites.

On Tuesday morning, House officials said calls to telephone circuits there are hitting near capacity, with many callers getting busy signals. An alert advised members’ offices to provide important contacts with alternative numbers, adding that outbound calls are unaffected.

In addition, Monday night and Tuesday morning checks of the websites of House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio and Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., showed a “Server is too busy” response on an otherwise blank screen, as did the House Ways and Means Committee website on Tuesday morning. Boehner’s separate representative site was down on Monday night, also, though the district and House Majority Leader sites of Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., were working.

Democrats were affected, too. Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., tweeted that his site was struggling but that he was responding to constituents via Twitter. Coons wasn’t alone: Boehner was among members of Congress tweeting after the back-to-back prime-time speeches by Obama and the House speaker.

What nonsense.
The phones lines are busy today because conservatives are winning the debate. But don’t tell the liberal media. You wouldn’t want to wake them up from their latest Obama fantasy.

I was right — The callers were conservatives.

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