Yemeni Leader Burned Over 40% of Body in Mosque Grenade Attack

Pre-Obama American ally President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen suffered burns over 40% of his body after he was attacked in a mosque on the presidential grounds. Saleh was flown to Saudi Arabia after a reported grenade attack.

Asia News
reported, via ROP:

The condition of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Yemeni leader in hospital in Saudi Arabia, is worsening. Saleh has burns on 40% of the body, and only one functioning lung. The news was reported by non-official U.S. diplomatic sources, who added that his eventual return to Yemen is very uncertain.

Saleh was injured Friday, June 3 while he was praying in the mosque of the presidential complex. It is not clear what happened inside the mosque. Some sources speak of an attack with mortar shells. But Saudi diplomatic sources, support the hypothesis of a grenade. Saleh was injured and was rushed to Saudi Arabia to remove a seven inches splinter from his chest. Saleh has undergone two operations.

In the south of the country 15 people died yesterday and last night in clashes between security forces and elements which are said to be linked to al Qaeida. In Sanaa, a truce between supporters of Saleh, tribal and democratic opposition forces mediated by Saudi Arabia is still in force. But in the early hours of today in Taiz in the south of the country, gun battles erupted between opponents and significant quantities of Saleh followers.

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