Weiner Admits: “Maybe It Started Out Being a Photograph of Mine” (Video)

It looks like we’ve found our hacker-hoaxer-prankser…
Representative Weiner admitted to Rachel Maddow tonight, “Maybe it started out being a photograph of mine.”

Mediaite reported:

Rep. Anthony Weiner finally made his last media stop of the day, this time sitting down with Rachel Maddow– who interviewed Rep. Weiner just as his Twitter account released a skimpy underwear photo. Maddow was by far the least combative of his interviewers, and the approach seemed to have paid off. This time, instead of “I don’t know,” the Congressman told Maddow that it is possible that the photo was of him and had been “taken out of context.”

Maddow then approached cautiously a question many throughout the day had been searching for an answer to with no clear result, preempting it with the fact that, thanks to his vague answer about the photo’s origin, “you realize that now everybody thinks the photo is you… where there’s smoke there’s fire.” Having apparently watched Lawrence O’Donnell an hour before, Rep. Weiner replied, “I have to say, I wish!” before saying that “the photo doesn’t look familiar to me.” Yet he still refused to say definitively whether it is him, but this time explained his rationale slightly more: “stuff gets manipulated… maybe it started out being a photograph of mine,” he allowed, that “was taken out of context.”