Unhinged Leftist Radio Host Ambushes James O’Keefe at Right Online – FAILS (Video)

Violent far left Air America radio host Nicole Sandler ambushed conservative investigative reporter James O’Keefe at Right Online this weekend.
It was a complete failure.

The Raw Story

Progressive radio host Nicole Sandler is at the Netroots Nation conference in Minneapolis, where she ran into a decidedly conservative attendee: James O’Keefe.

As Sandler describes on her blog, she spotted O’Keefe in the lobby, and he invited her over to chat. Naturally, she pulled out her Flip Cam and recorded the whole thing. Eventually, O’Keefe tires of her and tries to get Sandler to go away.

“I didn’t ask for an interview, I just wanted to have a discussion. You’re interviewing me on tape,” he says, when she reminds him that he gestured her over.

“Yeah, you tape people all the time. You tape people and you edit the tapes to make it look like things that didn’t, happened.”

For the record… The last time we saw this violent leftist she was being cuffed and frogmarched from an Allen West town hall event.

The Shark Tank has the video.


Now Nicole is ambushing reporters at conservative conferences.
Wait until your parole officer hears about this, Nicole!

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