Tuesday’s Weinergate Eat Crow Edition: Will NPR Correspondent Nina Totenberg Apologize Now?

So is it still a ‘great lark of a diverson’, Nina?

Raw Weiner.
Just wondering.

On Friday night NPR activist and correspondent Nina Totenberg told “Inside Washington” that we really shouldn’t care about the Weinergate scandal because “it’s a great lark of a diversion”.
NewsBusters reported:

Via NewsBusters:

GORDON PETERSON, HOST: For several days this week we’ve been treated to questions about how a picture of a man’s crotch ended up on Congressman Weiner’s Twitter account. Was it the Congressman’s crotch or wasn’t it? Why should we care, Nina?

NINA TOTENBERG, NPR: Well, we probably shouldn’t care a lot. It’s a great, it’s sort of a great lark of a diversion.

Can’t wait to see how she spins her way out of this one.

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