“The Right’s Blogger Provocateur” – NY Times Publishes Short Exposé on Breitbart

Jeremy Peters from The New York Times trailed Andrew Breitbart at the Right Online Conference in Minnesota earlier this month. Peters was assigned to cover Breitbart after the Weinergate scandal. Former Rep. Anthony Weiner had resigned from office earlier in the month after he was caught sending penis pictures to young female twitter fans. Jeremy published his report today on Andrew Breitbart. I was surprised that it was not a very long article.

I took this photo in Andrew’s hotel room during Right Online.

Jeremy Peters from The New York Times interviews Andrew at Right Online in Minneapolis. The camera crew in the background was filming for the movie on Breitbart that will be released later this year.

This photo from the article was perfect. It depicts a typical leftist mob scene you face when you are an effective conservative pundit like Breitbart.

Mr. Breitbart in a heated confrontation with Ryan Clayton at a liberal blogger event in Minneapolis. (New York Times)

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