Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire – June 13, 2011

The CNN Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire–

Seven Republicans will be on the stage Monday night at the CNN/WMUR/New Hampshire Union Leader presidential debate.

Best intro–
Newt Gingrich: I’m Newt Gingrich and with 14 million Americans out of work it is time to end the Obama Depression.

Second best intro–
Herman Cain: I’m here because it’s not about us. It’s about those grandchildren.

MICHELE BACHMANN – Announces that she has filed papers to enter the presidential race today.

Mitt Romney bashes Obamacare. OK.

Tim Pawlenty won’t say “Obamneycare” tonight.

Michele Bachmann just hit it out of the park. “Make no mistake, President Obama is a one term president!”

CNN asks the candidates if they think the tea partiers are too radical.

You have to admit, Newt is a great in a debate. LOVE that he just corrected the CNN host. “Right to work states are producing more jobs than other states.”

Good for Herman Cain for blasting Obama’s radical NLRB.

Nice kiss up by Tim Pawlenty in dropping “Rush Limbaugh” in his answer.

Nice answer by Mitt Romney on the private sector and job creation. And, he wouldn’t apologize to the CNN host. Good.

Ron Paul still sounds nuts.

Herman Cain gave a great answer on democrats pushing kids off the cliff by ignoring the looming Medicare crisis.

They just blew at least 5+ minutes on gay marriage and gays in the military… Because that’s what Americans are worried about right now.

WOW! Michele Bachmann just gave a WONDERFUL response to the Right to Life in the US quoting the Declaration of Independence!

Newt Gingrich Home Run:
There are humane, practical ways to solve immigration problem if you can get media, politicians to shut up.

The media is wrong – This is a STRONG Field.

Nuts. Ron Paul on Afghanistan: Bring them home as soon as possible. Our national security is not enhanced by our presence in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan.

On foreign policy the Republican candidates absolutely destroy Obama on his crazy, fickle, and destructive record.

CNN just asked GOP candidates if Biden was better pick than Sarah Palin… Really?

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