Predictable… Daily Kos: The Weiner Press Conference Was Faked!

Today Rep Anthony Weiner (D-NY) confessed to lying and sending lewd tweets to young women.

Unfortunately, some leftist cranks took the news better than others.
Daily Kos jumped the shark. They think the press conference was faked.

NEW DETAILS: Weiner’s Press Conference was FAKE!!


Daily Kos is insane.

The same mainstream media that tried to convince us that everything is bad for your health and curling is the next big thing, is now trying to convince us that Anthony Weiner has given a press conference in which he “acknowledged” Tweeting certain photographs, took some questions, and apologized to everyone including his wife and Andrew Breitbart. This charade was all a right-wing fabrication.

The first indication that this was a hoax should have been that Brietbart apology. The real Tony Weiner (I can call him that, because we’ve never met) would never have done anything like this. Because the real Rep. Weiner must still know that that the image of that crotch was photoshopped, uploaded to YFrog by a hacker, manipulated on Facebook, uploaded via a phony tweet, retweeted by ne’erdowells, passed along to untrustworthy conservatives, encouraged by CNN (Fox News Lite!), and thoroughly and incontrovertibly debunked here.

Again, I know Anthony Weiner would never do anything like this is because, you see, we’ve never met. But we share many political views.

So how do I know today’s press conference was a hoax? There are ten reasons:

1) Today’s press conference was supposedly held at a Sheraton hotel in New York City. Well, I went to websites various New York area Sheratons this morning. Not one of them indicated that Rep. Weiner was going to give a press conference there this afternoon. Not a ONE.

2) Anthony Weiner does not look like that. Go to his website – he has more hair and his complexion is not that dark. Also, having heard him speak many times, I know he does not talk like the guy in the press conference. He’s a lot more combative, louder, and funnier.

3) YFrog.

4) Last week, Anthony Weiner said he could not say with “certaintude” that the photo was his. Many people here rightly assumed that he knew the photo was not his, but couldn’t say so, because the FBI was involved. Because as you know, if you’ve asked the police to investigate something, that last thing you would want to do is proclaim your innocence. They hate that. Anyhow, the Feds surely would have known that Weiner making a statement would have compromised their whole investigation. And Andrew Breitbart, knowing this, had a press conference with a fake Weiner – so as to keep the FBI off his scent.

5) Who does this help? Clarence Thomas, Dana Loesch, Dana Bash, and some guy named Wolfe. Think about it. Add it up.

6) Normally, during press conferences of this nature, the spouse of the so-called apologetic Congressman is in attendance. But not this time. Why not? Obviously they couldn’t find a lookalike for her.

7) Don’t you think he would have apologized using Tweet Deck?

8) During the press conference, the shadow behind him didn’t always match the image of the person pretending to be Congressman Weiner.

9) I’ve created better fake press conferences using only iMovie, a couple of Apps on my EVO, and a cardboard cutout.

10) Anthony Weiner would never do anything like this.

It looks like SquareBoy at Daily Kos is not alone. The Daily Kos crowd agrees:

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