PETA Uses Microwaved Baby Murder For New Billboard Ad Campaign (Video)

The PeTA “media whores” thought they’d use a recent murder case in California in their latest ad campaign. The idea didn’t go over so well with the locals.
Dana Loesch at Big Journalism reported:

PeTA is under fire in Sacramento for comparing the recent tragedy of baby Mirabele, a six-week-old cooked to death inside of a microwave by her mother, to eating animals. The group rented billboard space in Sacramento and compared the tragedy to microwaving pork. “Everybody’s somebody’s baby. Go vegan” reads the billboard.

Local reporter Andria Borba lets PeTA have it within the first thirty seconds of her report, describing the group as such:

“Just when you thought PeTA, the attention-whoring animal rights organization couldn’t get any lower … “


This was a new low for PETA. Naked protesting is one thing. Comparing pork chops to a murdered baby is quite another.

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