Pastor Terry Jones Mobbed at Dearbornistan Protest – 6 Arrested (Video)

Pastor Terry Jones decided to hold another protest in Dearborn, Michigan on Friday including a two mile walk to the Arab-American festival.
The Islamo-leftist mob forced him to change his plans.

The Daily Mail wrote more on the mob scene.

Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones was mobbed by protesters as he made his way to the Arab International Festival.

Scuffles broke out and six people were arrested as Jones walk down the street toward the festival with some of his supporters in Dearborn, Michigan.

The controversial Florida Pastor Jones had intended to hold an anti-Islam rally and counter-protest against the festival.

The event is the largest outdoor gathering of Arab-Americans in the U.S.
Jones wore sunglasses, a bullet-proof vest and a t-shirt that read: ‘Everything I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9-11.’

He had led a rally against radical Islam at city hall before trying to continue his protest at the nearby festival.

Dearborn police made the arrests after urging the pastor to take a car instead of trying to walk the two miles to the festival.

People in the crowd yelled at his party and started pushing and shoving, prompting police to put Jones in a police car for his own safety.

The pastor decided not to go to the festival after all.

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