Obama Loses Youth Vote Because White Kids Don’t Think He’s Cool Anymore (And There Are No Jobs)

Suddenly, ‘The One’ is not so cool anymore.

(Michelle’s Mirror)

It’s hard to keep your “coolness” when there aren’t any jobs.
The Daily Mail reported:

President Barack Obama famously won the 2008 election on a wave of support from America’s youth.

But any hopes the 49-year-old had of keeping down with the kids appear to have faded – his support from young people is rapidly waning, a poll has found.

And for a man known for his ‘jacket off’ casual style the reason for this slump may be particularly hurtful – students are abandoning the President because they do not think he is cool anymore, it has been claimed.

According to the National Journal’s Ronald Brownstein report, President Obama has dramatically lost support from young people – and particularly young white people – in America since 2008.

His approval rating among those aged 18 to 29 is currently at 56 per cent – a huge fall of ten points since the 2008 exit polls.

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