NATO Helicopters Fire on Taliban Fighters at Kabul Intercontinental Hotel

Taliban fighters stormed the Kabul Intercontinental Hotel today. Several of the fighters were wearing suicide vests.
At least one suicide bomber blew himself up and 10 people were killed.

Voice of America reported:

Several attackers believed to be wearing suicide vests stormed a luxury hotel in the Afghan capital, Kabul, late Tuesday and early reports indicate that 10 people have been killed.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack on the Intercontinental Hotel. Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the group was targeting foreign guests and that heavy casualties have been inflicted. However, the Taliban often exaggerates the number of casualties in attacks against Western and Afghan government targets.

Police said a wedding party was under way when the attack occurred. They said at least one suicide bomber blew himself up inside the hotel. However, witnesses reported at least three loud explosions and gunfire inside and outside the hotel.

Police blocked off streets leading to the hotel, situated on a hill overlooking the Afghan capital and said the entire area was in darkness.

FOX News just reported that NATO helicopters just fired on the Taliban-held hotel in Kabul. The helicopters fired on the roof where terrorists had taken up positions. Three gunmen were killed.

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