Mysterious Teen Mob Robberies On the Rise Across US

FOX News finally reported today on the mysterious teen mob robberies that are on the rise across the US.

Here is video of one of the mysterious teen mobs attacking a store in St. Paul in February.

St. Paul Stores Suffer ‘Mob Thefts’:


FOX News reported:

The same technologies that for years have brought together the mostly benign and goofy “flash mobs,” in which groups suddenly break into dance at a mall or stumble around like zombies at train stations, is being used to plan and execute bold robberies.

Called “flash robs,” these crimes are being organized by young teenagers through various social media outlets, most notably Twitter. Police say the suspects select a time and place and enter the store in droves taking what they want and leaving before security or police can catch them.

Some of the most brazen robberies take place in the light of day and on busy streets despite all the security cameras and the watchful eyes of workers.

“Young people are risk takers; they do things in groups far more than adults do. A medium like Twitter plays into the characteristics of young person’s behavior,” Scott Decker, a professor of criminology at Arizona State University, told

Because of these flash plots, police have begun to more closely monitor social media sites, reports the Chicago Sun Times.

What the media won’t tell you is that these teen mob attacks were all committed by black youths. But, to report the truth on this recent epidemic of youth mob activity would be racist.
That’s sick.

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